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Manned Security

Our security guards are vetted to British Standards, SIA licenced and are chosen for the punctuality, professionalism and vigilance.

Guard Dog Security

For the ultimate deterrent our security guard with a dog can provide more effective security in some scenarios, available at short notice.

Empty Property Security

Our Graded Alarm system, work without the need for power on site, rapid deployed alarm systems with CCTV confirmation and external wireless sensors

Nationwide Security Company

We Cover Most of England, London, Surrey, Essex

We have over 10 years of experience providing security services and advice for both businesses and individuals. With out range of security services and have been successfully providing London security services. –

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  • Empty Property Security
Not only can we supply a nationwide security services for short, long term, or emergency security, we can help you protect your residential estate and empty properties. Getting quotes is easy, finding a good security company that actively monitors the services they provide, much harder.


Why we are different

We provide a cost effective manned security solution, our innovative management team combines the latest technology with proven security methods, we offer a comprenhensive and balanced approach to security.

A Fresh Approach to Security

Tried and tested security methods and procedure often work better when combined with the latest technology. Our aim is to provide you with a value added security service where you can see the benefits in choosing a security firm that has innovative approach to security.
We pro-actively manage the security guards and services that we provide, our guards use real time patrol systems, that monitors when patrols are carried out, on 24 hour services we provide external wireless alarm systems at no cost to monitor the external areas of your property while our guard is inside, this means that both inside and outside or remote areas of your site are completely covered.
To see what we can do for your contact us for a short or long term solution so you can peace of mind.

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Manned Guards versus Unmanned Security

Sometimes it isn't clear whether manned guarding or an unmanned solution is best, while manned guarding with a security guard or security guard dog on site does present the most secure solution, in some scenarios it isn't necessary and a mobile patrol of monitored remote alarm with CCTV confirmation can provide a better and cost effective solution.

We look at all of the factors when recommended a security service which is not only cost effective but effective, a manned guard in an office in a remote site of several acres, may give the impression of good security, but in all honesty will not be effective, assets in the grounds would simply not be secure as even on hourly patrols, a breakin could go unnoticed for months.

Our Services

Manned GuardingOffice Security Guards

We understand your concerns in choosing an office security guard company for your building[...]

Guard and Dog High Security Detection and Deterent

K9 Units can solve your more serious security concerns, our mobile unit have solved many problems quickly[...]

Property Security Window Screens and Property Alarms

No matter what stage of development or construction, we ensure no delays due to criminal damage. CCTV Security from £119 per week.[...]


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Our Clients

Over the years we have successfully provided security services to hundreds of clients, some who haven't used security before and some who use security on a regular basis.

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