If you are looking for an office security guard service to man your reception,or secure your building out of hours, we supply comprehensive solution to office security.

Our security personnel are trained and experienced, with our years of providing office and building security we don't make the same mistakes as younger company, our aim is to provide reception of building security guard that will fit in with your existing team, representing your company and providing you with the security you require. Our terms are flexible and 100% risk free

We also supply our security guards to offices, warehouses and building sites, our supervisors visit your premises to gain a detail of your full requirements before the service begins, so our guards are clear on their duties.

In addition to the above we can also supply

  • Bi-lingual guards
  • Health and safety trained security guards
  • Female security guards
If you would like to know more about our office security guards service or arrange a site visit please contact us

Security guard at desk with computer monitors
Security guard at desk with computer monitors

Office Security Services London

Over night our security can provide facility management support ensuring that your building is safe and secure and can deal with any building malfunctions that may occur.

Getting security couldn't be simplier, one call or email to our office, starts the procedure. We can start to prepare a solution for you over the phone if you need us too - and more than likely we, with our experience have thought of benefits you haven't.

We combine the latest technology with proven security measures, to provide you the very best in security guarding. To learn more about what we do and how we can help you, contact us.

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